Joseph Gordon-Levitt As The Riddler In Batman 3?

on Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now for some "Batman 3" rumors. According to and, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in negotiations with "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" director, Christopher Nolan, to portray The Riddler in the upcoming, "Batman 3". I personally think that he would be quite good as The Riddler. There were rumors circling that Johnny Depp was taking on the role, but those rumors have stopped since he publicly declared it to be false.
Gordon-Levitt was once suppossedly planning to take over the role of The Joker in "Batman 3", as Nolan planned for the character to come back as a Hannibal Lector type character for the film with Batman on the hunt for Two-Face. But the script was changed due to Two-Face being killed off in, "The Dark Knight" and with Heath Ledger dying.
I never actually noticed how much Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked like Heath Ledger. They look so alike. Gordon-Levitt, I think, would've been good as The Joker, if they brought the character back anytime soon.