Katy Perry's Smoking Hot And Naked In New Video!

on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I really love Katy Perry now for doing this in her new music video, "California Gurls" ft Snoop (Doggy) Dogg. It's part of her new album, "Teenage Dreams", which is set for release in August of this year. In this new video, she's so hot (as usual) but also naked this time round. Okay, you don't see much, but look at the pics above. You see enough. A guys mind can picture the rest. Basically fill in the blanks.
Sadly, the video is not up on YouTube just yet. I managed to see it on another website. But as soon as it's on YouTube, I'll link it.
Perry explained that she got the idea of the new video from movies like "Alice In Wonderland" and "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory".
James Montgomery of MTV News says that the song is, ""big, bright, decidedly beach-friendly pop tune, full of sunshiney synthesizers, starry, electronic whooshes, and loose, funky, wah-wah guitar flourishes", and that it has a "massive chorus". I personally think it's really good. I'll deffo be downloading it on iTunes later anyway. I'll also download the video as well.