Moffat Hints About "Doctor Who: Series 6" Story Arc!

on Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tonight after the series finale on BBC 1, "Doctor Who Confidential" on BBC THREE had Steven Moffat hinting what he's got in store for us for Series 6 next year.
He explained that he's gonna take the "Silence Will Fall" story arc from this series and continue it onto the next series and explain (in more depth) what it is. He also said that he wants explain more about the voice that was heard in the TARDIS in the finale. And finally, he wants to tell us who River Song is to The Doctor and whats the deal with her background all about.
Basically he said this, "Something that we’ve been hearing about throughout this series is going to continue and become more significant, and we’re going to learn more in the next series, which is the Silence." and this "What is that? Who is that? Who are the Silence and what’s coming. The whole point of the Silence is next series. Also who is River Song? Who is she really? That’s what we’re going to find out next year." Exciting stuff. Can't wait!