My Review On "The Lodger"

on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I thought that this episode was very well done. It was so hillarious. James Corden's character, Craig Owens was a great. His lines were well written. Everything he said was just so funny. It was just so Corden. You could tell that some of the lines were his idea.
Matt Smith's Doctor just tried so hard to get down to Earth and be absolutely normal, but it's The Doctor I'm talking about. He really couldn't fully do that. Shame really. He'll never be normal. He'll always just be absolutely crazy. Amy had more of a cameo through out this episode, as she was trapped in the TARDIS. Her only contact with The Doctor was through a radio and ear-piece.
Basically the plot was about some strange things happening in the flat upstairs from Craig's flat. All he knows about the neighbour upstairs is that he's an old man. But it turns out that he's a hologram that is an Auto Pilot (that's basically his name) who can take on different forms of people. From an old man to a little girl. Scary. The whole of the top flat turns out to be a space-ship pod like thing. The inside of it looks like a TARDIS. Even The Doctor says that it looks like someones trying to build their own TARDIS.
Anyway, back to the start of the episode. The TARDIS lands in a park in Colchester and The Doctor gets flung out and the TARDIS disappears. Somehow the alien thing in the flat has some sort of a machine thing that can stop the TARDIS from fully landing in the area. The thing is, Amy could end up getting lost in the TARDIS forever. Craig and his flatmate Sophie are looking for a new flatmate for the third bedroom. So if there's a room for sale under a flat that's shuting out alien from the front door, why not get The Doctor to move in........and that's what The Doctor does. So The Doctors moved in and Craig thinks he's weird but accepts him. He has no idea that he's an alien. Anyway, the alien hologram keeps asking people for help, so everyone who passes buy the flat go up and help and........well, basically die!
Back to the happy times in the show. The Doctor tries to fit in by playing football for the first time and turns out that he's amazing as it and is even better than Craig. Sohpie is looking for a new man, but Craig loves her and she secretly loves him. But she seems to be slowly begin to look like she's having a thing for The Doctor. Craig hates it so he askes him to leave after the third day staying there. Craig also discovers a scanner type thing that The Doctor is building in his room to see whats up with upstairs. So Craig confronts him. The Doctor then headbutts Craig and reveals his history telepathically and then repeats it with what he is doing in the flat as well as showing a note from future Amy telling him to go to the flat. Now if thats the way he tells you about himself. I don't wanna know. That scene made me piss myself. I watched over and over.
While this is happening, Sophie goes upstairs. UH-OH! The Doctor and Craig race up the stairs to save her. Sophie is then seen being pulled towards a console but is suddenly stopped. The hologram states the ship crashed and the pilots are dead and as such the program began testing humans to find a suitable replacement. However, the humans aren't able to handle it and are burnt up. The program begins forcing the Doctor to touch a console to which the Doctor says will blow up the solar system. He realises Craig was not wanted as he wanted to stay at the flat to be with Sophie because he loves her and the auto pilot wanted people who sought to leave. Sophie says she loves him too and they kiss while touching the console. As they wanted to stay here, the ship complied but began to implode. Fleeing, they notice the ship vanish along with the entire top floor which no one else notices due to a perception filter. The Doctor tries to sneak away but is caught and given keys to the flat as a thank you. In the TARDIS, Amy looks for a red pen to write a note to tell the Doctor to go to the flat, but instead finds her engagement ring from Rory while a crack in space appears in Craig's home. Next week.......The Pandorica Opens!