The Pandorica Is Finally Opening........

on Monday, June 14, 2010

It's the series finale we've all been waiting for. This saturday night: "The Pandorica Opens" will see The Doctor, Amy and River Song tackle old enemies and try and save the world from mass-destruction.
We will see the return of the following enemies of The Doctor:
Daleks (New & Possibly The Old)
Cybus Cybermen
The Ha'rik
The Timoreen
The Skarkish
Now that's what I call a lot of enemies. Now obviously they will all be the new re-vamped versions of the old ones. New designs. There's also speculation that the Original Cybermen will make an appearance as well (They'll probably have a slight re-vamp to them). And also the Omega are to return for the finale. Now, the Omega were the superior race of the Time Lords. They were there when time began. They were the co-founder of the Time Lord Society. So basically they're were special people. Let's not forget The Master. Like I said in my previous post, he is rumored to return. There's been no confirmation yet, but let's hope he is.
And now that the series finale is upon us, we might finally find out what that Crack In Time really wants and what is in it.
And we'll also find out why The Doctor pulled out a piece of the TARDIS. There is speculation that the TARDIS is to explode, causing a Big Bang, hence the title of the 2-parter finale, "The Big Bang". Supposedly it's the Heart Of The TARDIS that explodes. UH-OH! This could possibly mean a whole new designed TARDIS in the 2010 Christmas Episode and Series 6..............