Rose Tyler And The Master Returning In The Series 5 Finale?

on Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rumors have been spreading even before the new series began about old villains and characters possibly returning. Now, Steven Moffet did publically confirm that he didn't want to bring any old characters back. But now it seems that there are to massive rumors spreading about the finale, which starts next weekend with "The Pandorica Opens" and then concludes the following weekend with "The Big Bang". So, back to the massive rumors.
According to Doctor Who Wiki, which has geeks worse than me working on it. These are the geeks who would probably kill one of Matt Smith's loved ones just to get close to him. JOKE! They're saying that The Master is planning returning in episode 13, "The Big Bang". No one knows if it's gonna be John Simm or a newly regenerated Master. It would be good to see The Master return. It would also be good if Simm was returning, but I think that it's time for a new Master. New Doctor. New Master.
The other big rumor is that Rose Tyler is to return. No that would be so amazing to see. She should get to see the new Doctor fighting for his life. So I wonder if these rumors are true or not. Hopefully they are true, even at least one of them even.