Who Could Be The Next Lara Croft?

on Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seeing as Kim Kardashian has confirmed that she is not up for the role. I thought that I would then put together another one of my wee "Who Should/Could Play" posts again. This time it's "Who Could Be The Next Lara Croft?". Here are my choice of candidates below:

1. Karima Adebibe (Perfect choice. She was the Lara Croft model for Tomb Raider: Legend. If you're gonna look at girls for the new role. Why not look at the girls who modeled the character for the games.)

2. Allison Carroll (Another perfect choice for the role. She's the new Croft model. She's taken over from Karima for Tomb Raider: Underworld.)

3. Megan Fox (Why not her. People say that she will become the next Angelina Jolie, so why the hell not just start her then.)
Now I know that the pic above is fake. But it does look good. I shows that she would also be great for the role of........well, maybe a younger Lara Croft.
4. Summer Glau (Again, younger Lara Croft. She's so cute and sexy and could kick-ass. She was amazing in that short-lived "Terminator" series. Time to comeback and fire guns again and this time.........raid the jungle)
5. Malin Akerman (She played Silk Spectre in Watchmen. She can totally kick-ass. She's another perfect candidate for the role of the tomb raiding sexy goddess.)