Bones McCoy To Take On The Role Of Judge Dredd?

on Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is a very interesting rumor. I really like this one. It turns out that "Star Trek" actor, Karl Urban is being considered for the role of Judge Dredd in the reboot film. Bleeding Cool have reported that he going to be offered the role.
I really think that he would be great for the role of Dredd. I never thought about it before, until I saw this news on the net.
The net also reports that Judge Dredd in this new film will not be removing his famous helmet. In the 1995 film, starring Sly Stallone, Dredd took his helmet off. But this time, the writers are sticking to the original comic-books, where he doesn't take it off. So really, you can get any male actor for the role.
The new film is being set for a possible 2011/2012 release. If Urban gets the job, then he'll be very busy in the next two years, has he's also set to return to "Star Trek" in January 2011 for the sequel.