Captain Jack Sparrow Is The Next Doctor?

on Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yes, you've read the title of this post correctly. Looks like the "Doctor Who Movie" rumors are back on again. Only this time, we have a name of who might be playing.....well, Who on the big screen. Yesterday reports online were spreading, saying that "Pirates Of The Caribbean" actor, Johnny Depp has been cast or is in talks with the BBC, to play The Doctor in a 2012 film adaption of the long-running Sci-Fi tv show.
If this rumor is correct, which in a way, I hope it fucking is because this would be awesome, then what Doctor is he playing? Is he gonna be playing The 12th Doctor or is he playing his own Doctor that has nothing to do, or very little to do with the tv show verison of the character. Let's just hope he's not playing a Peter Cushing version of The Doctor, because that was fucking terrible.
One site that I got this, well rumor from suggests that the plot will go like this, "The Doctor, along with a small team of "volunteers," will travel through time and space healing the sick of diseases brought by invading aliens. During the course of the movie, the Doctor cures the bubonic plague, and then heads to Africa to work on Ebola." Now if this is true, then it doesn't sound like The Doctor that I and everyone else knows and watches on a Saturday night. We like to see The Doctor battle with villains, not cure people who have caught a disease from them. Above is a pic of a Johnny Depp action figure with a sonic screwdriver in his hand. I like this fan, who ever they are. Wonder where they got this action figure from! Ummmmmm............