Christopher Nolan To Direct The 2012 Superman 3.0 Reboot?

on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So it looks like Nolan isn't just gonna be "The Godfather" of the new "Superman 3.0 Reboot". He may very well be taking on the role of director, the job that he said he wasn't going for. It was reported that Chris Columbus was set to direct the new film, but now it looks like the other Chris is in talks in directing.
Originally, Nolans brother (Jonathan) was set to make his directors debut with the film, but looks like it may not be him. He will still have something to do with it, most likely as producer.
Also, some actors have been revealed on who will play Superman. They are as followed:
Zachary Levi (Chuck)
Ryan Kwanten (True Blood)
Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights)
They have all auditioned for the role of Superman. I'm really surprised that Chuck auditioned for the role. I really don't see him as Superman, he's too funny. Can't really see him being a super-hero. He would be good as a super-hero in a comedy.