Fantastic Four: Reborn's Thing Is Gonna Be 100% CGI!

on Friday, July 30, 2010

It's just been confirmed by Fox that "The Thing" in the upcoming reboot to the "Fantastic Four", titled, "Fantastic Four: Reborn" will be 100% CGI. I think that's the best thing to do for the character. They intend for this "Thing" to be more "HULK" than the last one, portrayed by Michael Chiklis. Bigger and, well more HULKish. AWESOME!
Fox also confirmed that a script is deffo in the works right as I do this post and that the film won't go into production until they begin filming on "X-Men: First Class" in September. So we can possibly see filming for the reboot begin near the end of this year anyway. They haven't told us when they plan to release the film, probably be more of a end of 2011, possibly pushing for Summer 2012 slot, next to "The Avengers", "BATMAN 3", "Star Trek II" and "Spider-Man Reboot". We'll see............