Hostel In Las Vegas!

on Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Hostel-Part 3" is finally going into production this year. Filming begins in Las Vegas in August this year. Once again, Eli Roth will return to the third film, but only as the movies producer.
So far all we know about this new film is that it's set in Las Vegas where a bachelor party goes horribly wrong. So basically it's "The Hangover" meets the "SAW" franchise, but "Hostel" style. Sounds better and completely different than the previous two films. It's dropping the whole European setting and taking on the whole American setting. The studio obviously felt bad that the European's were loosing the tourists, because of the first two films. Now it was previously reported that the third installment was to go straight-to-dvd, but I think it may end up getting a theatrical release.

"Hostel-Part 3" is due for release sometime next year.