IT'S OFFICIAL: Andrew Garfield Is The New Spider-man!

on Friday, July 2, 2010

Now I did say in my post in May, that I think he's okay. But when I look at him now, he's perfect. He does though look a bit older than he's meant to be. In the script, he's meant to be in high school. So he's to be around the age of 17/18. But I guess they can make him look younger seeing as he's 26. Original Spider-man, Tobey McGuire was about 26 when he got the role. I really thought that the studio were gonna go with either Jamie Bell or Josh Hutcherson.
All the studio has to do now is pick a Mary-Jane and a villain. And the studio are aiming for The Lizard to be the main villain in the movie. So I wonder who they'll cast as him. Also, I wonder if Marc Webb will stay on for a series, like a trilogy? Sam Raimi did. So I wonder is Webb will. I know that when he signed the contract, he signed for a trilogy or as the studio call it, "a 3-picture deal". I guess he'll get that if the first film is a success or not. I so hope it is and I hope that Andrew Garfield is good.