"Tron: Legacy" Prequel Comic!

on Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I can't wait for the new "Tron" film to come out this December. So to keep me and the fans occupied till then, Marvel have released a two-part comic book prequel to the new "Tron: Legacy" film. The plot of the comic will take place between the first film and the new one.
The prequel comic is titled, "Tron: Betrayal". The plot is as follows, Kevin Flynn is now incharge of Ecnom, which is the world's largest games company. Flynn develops a new virtual world known as a Grid. It's filled with living programms. But the Grid gets out of control and Flynn calls on an old friend to help him gain back the control of the world. That friend is Tron.
The two-part comic book is set for release in later in October. Here's hoping it's good enough to keep us going till the movie.