New Sherlock Was Offered The Role Of The 11th Doctor!

on Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today, new Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) revealed in an interview that he was close to signing the contract to play The 11th Doctor in the "Doctor Who".
He was offered the role by Steven Moffat, who is the producer of the newer "Doctor Who" and he's now the creator of the new "Sherlock". But the actor thought about it and asked for some advice from previous Doctor, David Tennent. They both had a very long talk about it, but chose to turn down the deal. I can personally see him play a Doctor. Cumberbatch acts a lot like The Doctor when in "Sherlock".
Now, the BBC have said that even though he never went for the 11th Doctor, he may very well go for the role of The 12th Doctor instead. AWESOME! Well, basically they're saying never say never! I think that he'd be amazing for the role of The Doctor, when Smith leaves, which I hope is not too soon. And it was also revealed that Matt Smith himself went in for the role of Dr Watson in the new "Sherlock" series. But got the role of The 11th Doctor instead.