Sickishly Brilliant!

on Friday, July 30, 2010

I've just finished watching the leaked 9 minute preview of "Piranha 3D". It's so sickning, but brilliantly done. Especially the big beach party attack, which the pic above is from. The film is so gonna be rated 18. If it's not rated 18, then the MPAA are off their heads, because the blood and gore that I saw in the preview was so graphic, that I actually felt sick while watching it. But I'm still gonna see the film when it comes out in the UK in August 20th. If everyone who see's it is sick, then the creators have managed to get what they wanted. They wanted people to watch this film and think, "OH SICK!" and then be sick.
I would leave the link on this post, but I think that it'll be taken off the net before tomorrow morning. And also, I think I may get into trouble for having something like that on my blog. If you wanna watch it, then search for it yourself, or just wait till the film is released.