Spartacus Prequel Details

on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seeing as "Spartacus: Blood And Sand" actor, Andy Whitfield is now recovering from non-hodgkin lymphoma. The studio have planned to keep the fans occupied with a prequel to "Spartacus".
The prequel is titled, "Spartacus: God Of The Arena" and will star John Hannah, Lucy Lawless, Jamie Murray, Dustin Clare, Peter Mensah, Marisa Ramirez and also Andy Whitfield will make a brief cameo in the six-part series, when it gets closer to the finale.
The creators have released some details about the new series: The plot will tell the story of Batiatus (John Hannah) who is not yet the head of his family or of the gladiator training school. Gannicus is the lead gladiator in the Ludus, but the House of Batiatus hasn’t earned social respect or the right for its gladiators to fight in championship bouts. Gannicus struggles to turn around the House’s luck.
Whitfield is then set to rejoin the "Spartacus" show for it's second series. The studio plan to start shooting for "Series 2" as soon as they are done filming the prequel.
Filming for the prequel will begin this August for it's TV premire on Starz Channel in January 2011.