Dexter Is Back In The UK!

on Friday, August 20, 2010

Tonight on SKY channel, FX, our beloved Miami PD Blood Splatter guy is back on the air for his new 12 week run. Yes, Dexter Morgan Is Back!
I've saw the first episode of the fourth series on the net. I saw it a few months back, before it was on in America. It's amazing.
In this new series, Dexter will deal with being a new father, dealing with a new killer, known as the Trinity Killer and dealing with the return of Agent Lundy. WOOOOHOOOOOO! The only thing is that the series ends with a fucking shocking ending. Stupidly I found out about it months back. And I was soooo pissed off at myself. The new series is gonna be a KILLER!

"Dexter: Series 4" will start tonight on FX at 10PM.