Dimension Confirms "Piranha 3D: Part 2"

on Monday, August 23, 2010

That's right guys and gals, Dimension have announced that they are planning a sequel to their 3D gore fest, "Piranha 3D". I've saw the film, and it's soooo bloody gory, but amazing at the same time. Kelly Brook nude in 3D, with blood and gore. AWESOME! I'm gonna make up my YouTube review video soon, like in the next couple of days.
Me and, well, everyone, I don't think really knew that this film was gonna do amazing with both the box office and the fans, and even the critics, who can be really harsh sometimes with movies like this.
There has been no confirmation on who will star in the sequel or even if the director of the first film will return. I'll keep you guys updated on this........