First Class Details!

on Monday, August 23, 2010

So in the past few days, Bryan Singer and Fox have commented on what Matthew Vaughn plans to do with his new X-Men film. The news is that it's to be set in a very JFK 60's atmosphere. We will also see Malcolm X and Martin Luthor King appear in the film.
Even though it's set in the 60's, the film will feature a style of today atmosphere, i.e. the technology.
Seeing as the film is to be set in the 60's, I can now see why James McAvoy is playing Charles Xavier for the full film and not for an origins part of it. Xavier will also not be bald for most of the film and he will also, for most of the film, be walking, as we will see how he gets crippled and what does it to him.
Also as it's the 60's, it's been said that Cyclops will not appear in the film, as he has not been born yet. Kevin Bacon's villain has now been majorly rumored to be Sebastian Shaw. Awesome!