The "Skins-Third Generation" Cast Revealed!

on Monday, August 16, 2010

So above are the next generation of the "SKINS" characters for "Series 5" and a possible "Series 6", depending on how successful they are with the fans.
From left to right, we have: Alexander Arnold, Dakota Blue Richards, Sean Teale, Sebastian De Souza, Will Merrick, Laya Lewis, Freya Mavor and Jessica Sula. The characters that they are playing has not been released yet.
The third generation are not that amazing looking, like attractive. They just look dead plain and not like the first or second generation. Thank god there's no "Cook 2.0" in the new generation. I mean, I loved his character at first in "Series 3". He was kinda like a more mental version of Chris, from the first gen. But then Cook just became too much for me. Wish the creators just killed him at the start of "Series 4", because he just became a dick.
Anyway, back to the new group. I think they look more down-to-earth and less party animal looking like the rest. They also look like they've jumped out of the 80's, which is kinda cool in a way. I would kinda like the creators to do a "SKINS: 1970" or a "SKINS: 1980". Would be quite fun to see.
I just hope they're better than the second gen, because they got to depressing in their second series.

"Skins: Series 5" is set to air on E4 in 2011, with the possible "Series 6" airing in 2012.