John McClane To Be The Bad Guy?

on Thursday, August 19, 2010

Action Hero, Bruce Willis is said to take on the role of the main villain in "The Expendables" sequel. This news was said by Sly Stallone, while in an interview with the E! Entertainment guy, Ryan Seacrest. This is what Sly said on the idea, "If you're on a winner you just stay with it. It would be great to get the guys back, and maybe get some of the other guys who weren't in it - like Van Damme and whatever - to be in it, and then bring in some young bloods, and have Bruce Willis as the villain. I said 'Bruce, chasing you for two hours? that would be great! I can get behind that."
That would be a pretty cool idea. Even though I havent saw the first film, I'd still pay to see that in the sequel. "