John McClane To Turn Into Orange Stone?

on Monday, August 30, 2010

According to, Bruce Willis is in talks to voice The Thing in the new "Fantastic Four" reboot, "FF: Reborn". If Willis signs on to the role he will provide his voice and also appear in person briefly in the films opening credits. This would be pretty cool to see.
Fox are looking at various different directors to make this film happen. Rumors are saying that they have their eyes on "The A-Team" director, Joe Carnahan and "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" director, David Yates.
Willis is gonna be very fecking busy in the next few years, as he's working on "Die Hard: 24/7" for 2012, "Kane & Lynch: The Movie" for 2011, and he's possibly gonna be the main villain in "The Expenables II", which Stallone is aiming for a 2012 release. And Fox are aiming for a 2012 release date for the new "Fantastic Four" film. Busy guy!