Sherlock Rules Out On Playing The Doctor!

on Friday, August 20, 2010

"Sherlock" star, Benedict Cumberbatch has ruled out on playing The Doctor in the future. He also announced that he was never asked about playing the role after Tennent left for the 11th Doctor, who is played by Matt Smith.
Weeks ago, the newspapers reported that Cumberbatch was meant to take the role of the 11th, but lost to Smith. He's saying that he never got the chance. He also says that he doesn't wanna play the role of The Doctor in the future. This is what he said, "I think it's a fantastic show, but the celebrity side of being the Doctor would worry me. The idea of turning up at school prizegiving days as the Doctor wouldn't appeal."
I would love to see Ben play like The 12th Doctor, because I think he is amazing in "Sherlock" and that he's a fantastic actor. But I guess he would probably act a lot like Sherlock when playing The Doctor, just the same as Sherlock is a lot like The Doctor, well seeing as both shows are written by Steven Moffat.
Rumors were spreading that Smith is said to be leaving after the revival show "Series 6", but Smith and Karen Gillan, who plays The Doctor's companion, Amy Pond on the show, announced that he has no plans for leaving and that the BBC are thrilled to have him.