Spartacus: A Bloody Epic Ending!

on Friday, August 20, 2010

"Kill Them All" saw the House Of Batiatus fall in blood. This final episode was absolutely amazing. It was the most bloody graphic episode out of the whole series. If you've saw it, then you'll know what I'm talking about.
When Spartacus found out that Batiatus had given the word for his wife to be killed, Spartacus then made plans to kill everyone to get break free finally happened, including Batiatus. So him and the rest of the Gladiators finally rebelled against Batiatus and broke free. They killed everyone. From the guests of Batiatus, to his soldiers, from Lucretia, to Batiatus. Even Varro's wife, Aurelia got her revenge and killed Numerius. EPIC! Such a bloody ending. The only person that really survived was Ilithyia, played by the very sexy, Viva Bianca, who will become the Queen Bitch in "Series 2". Excellent. Ilithyia is said to become the female Batiacus of the next series. Interesting.....
When Lucretia and Batiatus were killed, in a way it was sad to see them go. They were both amazing characters to watch every week. I'm really looking forward to the prequel series, which will feature them rising. Batiatus was a dick, but he was fun to watch.
The episode ended with Spartacus breaking free with the slaves and the, well, surviving Gladiators, including Doctore and Crixus. This will now lead onto "Series 2".
Altogether, I'd give the whole series 10 out of 10. I can't wait for the prequel, "Gods Of The Arena" to start in the new year on Bravo. I also can't wait for the DVD boxset of the first series to come out next year. And, obviously, I can't wait for "Series 2" of "Blood And Sand" to air on TV in 2011, with the triumphant return of Andy Whitfield as Spartacus. Back and cleared of cancer. Whitfield is said to be making a small cameo in the prequel. Could be interesting.