Amy Pond & River Song To Die?

on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Sun Newspapers insider has said that things are gonna change next year in "Doctor Who", as both River Song and Amy Pond will face their end.
Amy Pond has been said to die in the "Series 6: Part 1" finale before the mid-season break in the Easter and River Song is to die at the end of "Series 6: Part 2" in the Autumn.
Now for the good news. I can tell you that Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and karen Gillan have all publicly announced that Amy Pond is not going to die, altough there is a mega plot twist of a finale.
And now for some more great news. Matt Smith has announced that he's officially signed on for the role up to it's 50th aniversary in 2013.
But now for the bad news. River Song is possibly gonna die, because no one has announced that she will live or not, only that Amy will live. UH-OH! Maybe River will die. Maybe she won't. But she did say at the end of "The Big Bang" in "Series 5", "Then you will learn the truth about me and everything will change."