Buffy In "Back To The Future: Part 4&5"?

on Thursday, September 23, 2010

As crazy as it may sound, and man it's fucking crazy as shit..........it's so true, well, was so true! "Buffy" star, sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar, well, Sarah Michelle Prinze was at once in talks to playing the geeky female scientist, who was to talk over from Michael J. Fox's character from the original trilogy back sometime in the 90's.
This is explained in the "50 Sequels That Never Happened" by Moviehole.net. It tells us that there was a two-part script in the works and that the plot would be about Doc Brown causing the UFO to crash land in Roswell. Buffy's role would be to help the Doc fix things and make things right.
I guess the feel of the film(s) would be like the feel of "The Next Karate Kid", but would they work, because that fourth film with the very sexy Hillary Swank was bollocks. We'll never know. Kinda sucks though.