One Role To Rule Them All!

on Thursday, September 23, 2010

Again, sorry about the cheesy title. I'm really getting out of hand with them now.
Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Above are the seven finalists (if you wanna call them that) who are all going for the unspecified lead female role in Marc Webb's 2012 "Spider-man Reboot".
Rumor has it that "Superbad" actress, Emma Stone is so very very close to bagging the role, then again, other rumors are saying that Emma Roberts is close to bagging.
In my opinion, I'd rather see Emma Stone get the role (which ever that might be), becuase she is the fucking sexy bees knees. Just thought I'd through that out there. It really would be better if someone told us what the role was deffo gonna be, like which female character the writers are going for, so that we can say which actress would fit. Obviously they know which character they're going for, but we don't, which makes it hard for us to say who we'd like to see.