Captain Kirk To Go In A Flash?

on Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seeing as Bradley Cooper has publically announced that he is not going to be The Flash in the new upcoming film, eventhough he may be secretly in talks to playing him. Cooper announced that he wasn't playing Face in "The A-Team" and look how that turned out. He was Face! We'll see.
Anyway, casting rumors have began again. This time, the rumor is that Chris Pine, who played Captain Kirk in the 2009 "Star Trek". Pine is reportedly being considered for the role of Barry Allen/The Flash. Personally I really don't mind who gets the role. As long as it's someone that I like or I think that's a good actor.
I would like if Pine got the role, but he's quite busy right now with the 2012 "Star Trek" sequel and also the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot, "Moscow" which is set to begin filming next year along with the "Star Trek" sequel.