Chainsaw Sequel/3D Reboot Gets New Title & New Writers!

on Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rumors for a sequel have been circulating for years now. There have been rumors of a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3" with the cast of the 2003 remake returning. But then it was confirmed to be cancelled and never happening.
Now it seems that the rights to the franchise have been handed over to the studio who helm the "SAW" franchise, Twisted Pictures and they're also getting help from Lionsgate. AWESOME! They, with the help of original "Chainsaw" director, Tobe Hooper plan to release a 3D sequel/reboot entitled, "Leatherface 3D". Obvious title.
They have also hired writters, Adam Sullivan and Debta Marcus to touch up the screenplay, which will then go to Tobe Hooper, who will then get the (not yet announced cast) together for the filming to begin sometime next year for a possible 2012 release. Hooper explained that the new film will take place a few seconds after his original film and then it'll jump forward 35 years to about now.