"GLEE" Creator Remaking "Rocky Horror"?

on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

According to various sites on the net, "GLEE" creator, Ryan Murphy has rumored to have been offered the directors job for the upcoming remake of 1975 musical, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
A few years back, MTV announced that they were joining forces with Sky Movies to remake it and make it a 2hour tv/type movie, with Russell Brand possibly playing the new Dr Frank-N-Furter. It was to be released by Halloween 2009, but no new news has came out of that until now with this possible remake by Ryan Murphy instead.
"GLEE" have done a "Rocky Horror" episode for "Series 2" titled, "The Rocky Horror Glee Show". Maybe some Hollywood producer saw it and thought, "Hey! This guy is good. Maybe we should offer him the job to direct the original film." Now, if Murphy takes the job, I bet some of the "GLEE" cast will get parts in it.