Danny Boyle To Direct "28 Days Later 3"?

on Monday, October 11, 2010

Danny Boyle has been saying this since before the release of "28 Weeks Later" in 2007. He's been saying that he wants to make a sequel for years now. He just hasn't got around to doing it. At least with "28 Days Later", a sequel has happened, just not with Boyle, unlike "Sin City".
Anyway, Boyle has now announced that now that he's done with "127 Hours", he can now concentrate on a sequel to "28 Days Later" and the recent "28 Weeks Later".
Now no one knows what the sequel will be called, though fans speculate that it'll most likely be called "28 Months Later" to go along with "Days" and "Weeks" and finally "Months", until someone make "28 Years Later", which is very unlikely, but who knows, crazier things have happened with sequels.