The Doctor, Amy & Rory Travel To 1960's America!

on Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's been confirmed by Steven Moffat that the first two episodes for "Series 6" of Doctor Who" will be a two-parter which will see The Doctor, Amy and Rory travel to 1960's Utah, America. This is very unusual for a new series to begin with a two-parter. Usually the first two-parter is in the middle of the series, but I guess as the series is split in two, then it doesn't really matter at all.
Anyway, while in Utah, they will be joined by Alex Kingstons, Professor River Song, who has been rumored to be killed off in the series after finding out who she really is to The Doctor. Also, while in Utah desert, they find themselves at a secret summons in the Oval Office.
No one knows yet about the wrest of the plot for the two-parter, as to why they are in Utah, in the Oval Office, but I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.