The Frog Brothers To Take On Werewolves In "Lost Boys 4"?

on Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rumors have started on the future of "The Lost Boys" franchise. Corey Feldman did say that there are plans to continue the franchise on it's regular direct-to-DVD format. He did also say that himself and the Warner are planning a new trilogy, "Lost Boys 4,5&6", and also a possible tv spin-off featuring the Frog Brothers.
Now the rumors for a fourth film are saying that it's to be called "The Lost Boys: Wolf Moon" and that the plot is about the Frog Brothers taking on Werewolves. Sounds pretty cool. Obviously it'll be different from the regular films, which is about vampires, but number 4 is to start off a new trilogy, so I guess they can change the monsters.
It's also been rumored that a character from the original film will appear in either the fourth film or even the tv spin-off, if it's lucky enough to get the greenlight for it (tv show a mean).
I'm really looking forward to seeing this happen. Obviously the special effects for the wolfs wont be amazing, but would still be interesting seeing the brothers take them on!