It's Confirmed: Rhys Ifans Is Playing The Lizard In "Spider-man: 2012 Reboot"

on Thursday, October 14, 2010

That's it everybody! It's official! British actor, Rhys Ifans is now playing The Lizard in Marc Webbs upcoming 2012 reboot of "Spider-man". One word comes to mind, AWESOME! The fact that someone has finally thought of the idea of bringing The Lizard to life on the big screen.
Now it's been reported that The Lizard was Raimis original idea for the villain for his fourth film in his series, but Sony didn't want it, but no they're saying "YES!" to Webb having him in his film. Weird. All I can say is, "Poor Dylan Baker." He really waited two movies to get to get his chance and he never even got it. SUCKS!