IT'S OFFICIAL: "Watchmen" Director Is Directing "The Man Of Steel"

on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fucking Dancer! "300" and "Watchmen" director, Zack Snyder has been officialy given the job of director for the next Superman film, "The Man Of Steel".
Out of all the choices, I'm really glad that Warner have went with him. He did a fantastic job with both "300" and "Watchmen". So hopefully he'll make this Superman the best ever!
Now that they have a director, maybe they can finally get the cast sorted out. It's been said that Snyder wants General Zod as the films main villain. Not bad, but I thought that in Nolans script for the film, the main villains are Brainiac and Lutor. Now surely he'll have Lex Luthor in the film. Hopefully! Also, I'd rather see Brainiac as the villain, instead of resurrecting Zod.