"Mad Max: Fury Road" And Sequel Put On A MASSIVE Hold Till 2012?

on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For fuck sake guys! When the hell is this god-damn film gonna happen. Everyone finally thought that this film was gonna film this year, which it was. But now it looks like George Miller has put "Fury Road" and it's back-to-back sequel, "Furiosa" have been put on a massive hole until sometime in 2012.
There's no real reason why they've been put on hold, because they have the cast, the vehicles and the location. Rumors have risen that George Miller feels presured that he's doing two films, well three at the same time. One being "Happy Feet 2" and the other two being "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Mad Max: Furiosa". And other rumors suggest that Miller has ran out of money, just like the "Halo" film.
Here's hoping by the time filming begins in 2012, Tom Hardy is still going to play Max and not drop out.