Rodriguez To Make "Sin City 2" After "Spy Kids 4"?

on Monday, October 11, 2010

Now before I start this post, i would just like to say one thing: I personally really don't think that the long-awaited sequel, "Sin City 2" is ever gonna happen. Robert Rodriguez just keeps putting it on and off. And he's been doing that for the last 5, nearly 6 years now. A mean c'mon man!
"Sin City 2 & 3" were meant to start filming back-to-back like a year after the first film was released and then it was put off for the "Grindhouse" films with Tarantino. Okay, that was fine because the script and the cast weren't quite ready yet. Rodriguez said that filming was to begin after "Grindhouse". Then after "Grindhouse", Rodriguez took like a year out from big filming making and was involved with a small George A. Romero documentary.
Then he returned to big film making with "Shorts". He then again said that "Sin City 2" is still happening, just not being filmed along with the third. He then was involved in the quite shitty, "Predators". He announced that "Sin City 2" was really really happening after that. Then he moved on with his "Grindhouse" spin-off, "Machete" and again, said he will deffo make "Sin City 2" after that. BULL SHIT! And with the sudden death of Brittany Murphy, Rodriguez was left questioned wether to recast her character from the first film, or if he should just write her out of the sequel.
But now he's going ahead with his "Spy Kids" sequel and he's just announced that he's possibly, but most deffo gonna finally finally make "Sin City 2" after he's finished with the "Spy Kids" sequel. Thank Fuck For That!
Rodriguez announced that himself and Frank Miller are at this moment, finally writting a script for the sequel, which will probably go through loads of drafts before the final draft. He did say that if the script isn't complete and finalised by the time "Spy Kids 4" is done, then he's gonna move onto his next unknown project, which is rumored to be either a "Predators" sequel (fucking hope not) or an adaption of comic-book series, "Madman".
Hence why I really don't think the sequel to 2005's "Sin City" is ever gonna happen............with Rodriguez anyway!