The Script For "Star Trek 2" Has Began!

on Sunday, October 17, 2010

2009 "Star Trek" co-writter has just announced on his Twitter page that he's finally put his fingers to the keyboard and began typing up the script for the yet untitled 2012 "Star Trek" sequel. One word for that......AWESOME!
He was then in an interview with "". Orci explained that he doesn't have an exact date for when the script will be finished, but he did say it'll be round about the beginning of 2011, so that the pre-production could start ASAP! When the pre-production begins, then we will all find out if JJ Abrams will be returning as director or just as producer. I think he'll come back as director, but that's just me. Production on the sequel is expected to start in early summer 2011.
As usuall, he was asked to give some details on like the plot for the sequel and once again he said that he couldn't. Now this sequel has to be amazing like the 2009 reboot, if not better.