Tobin Bell Would Like To See Bryan Cranston Play Jigsaw In Any Future "SAW" Remake/Reboot?

on Thursday, October 28, 2010

While in an interview with, "SAW" actor, Tobin Bell did say that if "SAW" was to get a remake or be rebooted sometime in the future, then he would consider Bryan Cranston for the role of Jigsaw.
Tobin Bell has heard that the famous "SAW" franchise is possibly being planned rebooted or even get just a plain remake in about 2 years time or even when the franchise hits it's 10th aniversary (2013 being the aniversary of the short-film and 2014 being the 11th aniversary of when the full-on franchise began). That kinda sucks though. I really don't want a reboot/remake. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too soon for a remake/reboot. Even worse than the "Spider-man" reboot. Which sounds as though it'll be AWESOME!
Even though the new film is said to be the final final final film in the franchise, Bell did say that there are talks of him relinquishing the role. And there are also talks of Dr Gordon returning for a "SAW VIII" and replacing Jigsaw as the killer. WTF?