Batman Coming Back To TV?

on Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's been widely reported that Warner Brothers have made plans to bring Batman back to the small screens with Karl Urban possibly play the title role in the new live-action series. WB had original plans to make a new film after Nolan is finished, but instead they wanna go straight to TV with the franchise.
The possible title is to be, "The Dark Knight: The Series", with The Joker being re-introduced but as a brand new version and not the Heath Ledger version in Nolan's film.
WB plan to release the new series sometime in 2012/13. Urban would have to begin filming. Now Urban may not be able to do it as he will be too busy with "Star Trek 2", which films next year and "Dredd" which is also set to begin filming next year. They will both be released in 2012.