The First Teaser Trailer For "DW: 2010 Christmas Special"

on Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Friday night on Children In Need 2010, fans were treated to a 1 minute teaser trailer of this years Christmas special of "Doctor Who" titled, "A Christmas Carol". 
The episode looks amazing, but so very weird. I'm so looking forward to watching it on Christmas Day. Katherine Jenkins is sooooo hot in the episode. Amy is wearing her Police uniform from "Series 5, Episode 1" and Rory is wearing his Roman uniform from "Series 5, Episodes 12&13. 
In the trailer, fans are also told that "Time can be rewritten........" by Amy. And The Doctor tells Michael Gambon's character, who I think may be Scrooge, that he's "I'm the ghost of Christmas past........" EXCITING!
Here's the YouTube link for the trailer: