Is Daniel Craig Returning As Bond?

on Thursday, November 18, 2010

Since MGM announced that "BOND 23" is back on track, everyone has been wondering if Daniel Craig will be returning to the role of Bond, seeing as he's signed onto the "Millinium Trilogy" with the first film, remake of "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo" being released sometime in 2011.
( spoke to Jeffrey Wright about if Craig will return for his thrid film, which will work out as the franchise's 23rd film in total. When asked if Craig was returning, he answered by saying that if he didn't return then the studio will cast a younger actor for the role and then get Craig to return for "BOND 24" onwards after finishing with the "Millinium Trilogy". Now does that MGM will be doing another Bond prequel set possibly before "Casino Royale". But on the lighter side, Wright did say that Craig is excited about returning to the franchise. He's trying to work around both films (Millinium and Bond).
Filming for the 23rd film begins next year for it's November 2012 planned release.