Mulder & Scully Discuss "The X Files 3"

on Monday, November 29, 2010

David Duchovny, who plays Mulder, last week spoke about a script that is being written right for a possible "X Files 3" film, that originally has a 2012 release date. Show creator, Chris Carter said that if the second film was successful, then the third will be made. The second wasn't successful.
Now both Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are discussing the potential third film to NY MAG. Duchovny told the magazine that a script has been written and it's ready to be shown to Fox. The only thing is.........both him and Anderson aren't in it! What the fuck? Now there was rumors months and months ago suggesting that Fox were planning to reboot the franchise and go back to the beginning with young Mulder and young Scully meeting each other again, only this time on the big screen.
Duchovny did say "we're not in it". Now that can mean two things:
1. Fox ARE rebooting the franchise and ARE planning to introduce new characters, without Mulder & Scully in it AT ALL!
2. Fox reboot the franchise with Mulder & Scully mentoring the new team, like the plans for the third "Ghostbusters" film.
3. Mulder & Scully will be returning, but new younger actors will be playing them, like 2009's "Star Trek".
I'm gonna go with number 2, but I'm also moving towards number 3, because I don't think Fox will wipe Mulder & Scully completely and go with number 1. Nah! It'll be 2 or 3. Anderson and Duchovny did say that they would be willing to come back as mentors.
None of them know if Carter will return. He did write the script, but wether Fox use it or have him return as director, is totally up to them. He may even return as producer or even like Chris Nolan with "The Man Of Steel", be the godfather of the new franchise.