"Machete 2" Script Completed!

on Thursday, December 2, 2010

Danny Trejo has confirmed that the script for "Machete 2" is completed and will hopefully go into fast-track production ASAP! WOOOHOOO!
The only thing about going into production very soon, is that Rodriguez is already stuck with "Spy Kids 4" and he keeps saying that "Sin City 2" will happen. He has made plans to make it possibly after "Spy Kids 4", but I new this would happen. He keeps putting "Sin City 2" off. Like I said before, it'll never happen if he's making it. Someone PLEASE take it off him and make it!
So "Machete 2" may not happen anytime soon after all.

UPDATE: The sequel is titled, "Machete Kills" and Rodriguez is set to write a third part in the "Machete" trilogy. The third part is to be titled, "Machete Kills Again".