The BIG "Coronation Street" Disaster!

on Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh My God! It's been a hell of a few days for the characters in "Coronation Street". I know I've never spoke about soaps before, but this is EPIC! So much is going on. Who lives? Who dies? None of the cast know yet. They'll all find out tomorrow during the "LIVE" episode. EXCITING! 
The guys who worked on the special effects for the train crash are the guys who do the special effects for BBC's "Doctor Who", so you know the effects will be AWESOME! This is the first time that a soap has used CGI. 
So far the whole story has been amazing. From the lines to the special effects and even to the camera work and techniques. There is a part when the explostion happens and the camera goes to a character and it moves in a way that the camera in "JAWS" moves. The background zooms out and the character zooms in. AMAZING! And I'm sure the story will keep on going till the end of the week. 
Here's the YouTube link to the train crash video: