"The Dark Knight Rises" Villains Confirmed!

on Thursday, December 16, 2010

A copy of "The Dark Knight Rises" script has been fucking stupidly leaked online and now everyone knows who the villain, well villains now appear in the final film in the Nolan series. It's appears that 4 villains will appear in the film. Let's just hope it's not another "Spider-Man 3" mash-up. "Spider-Man 3" was good, but just had too much villains. This may happen with this.
Here's the list of villains:
1. Dr Hugo Strange
2. Black Mask
3. Killer Croc
4. Talia Al Ghul
The female leads in the film are Talia al Ghul (who wants revenge on her father's death) and Sarah Essen. Detective Bullock is deffo in the film. Dr. Hugo Strange is the main villain, Black Mask replaces Salvatore Ramoni, and Black Mask recruits Killer Croc as the muscles to take down the bat, Killer Croc is known to be a psychopathic killer with a skin diseased reptile function skinned, who's an expert in hand to hand combat and extremely agile
It's now rumored that Tom Hardy will play Black Mask rather than the previous rumored, Dr Hugo Strange.