New "X-Men: First Class" Plot Details!

on Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Firstly, i would like to say that the logo above is the films official logo. Secondly, I literally just found out that Lauren Donner, producer of the "X-Men" franchise plans to have "First Class" the first in a brand-new prequel trilogy. She expects the new trilogy to get darker as they go on. She described it as they'll become similar to the "Harry Potter" films, they get darker, with a more mature theme as they go on. AWESOME! We need a more adult theme in the "X-Men" franchise. More adult and darker than the original trilogy. Much better thing to do.
Eventhough they'll be darker and more mature, they'll never get a "15" certificate. They'll always get a "12A" certificate, eventhough the first "X-Men" film was sooooo very close to getting a "15", but then some scenes got cut out. Violent scenes with Wolverine in them.
Now onto some new details on the upcoming "First Class" film. Mystique will be one of the X-Men in the film. She will have her own costume. Beasts fur is a very light blue, unlike Kelsey Grammer's Beast fur. Also his face looks different, not just because it's a different actor, it's just looks different. I haven't seen it, but that's what the reports are saying. There's a major scene on a beach with the X-Jet and a submarine in it. Probably some big CGI crash or something.
Villain news now. Armageddon is the main villain in the film, not Sebastian Shaw or Magneto. They both are main villains, but the main main villain is infact Armageddon. NICE! In the comics, he kinda looks like a big Iron Man with a fluffy feather like thing on the top of his helmet and a cape. I'm sure the creators will change the look of him slittly for the film.
In the film we will also get to see Professor X and his X-Men work together with Magneto to take down Armageddon, while we see that we will then learn how X and Mag fall out and go head-2-head with each other. EXCITING!