"Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol" Review

on Sunday, December 26, 2010

This review will be short and sweet, because I really can't be bothered with a fucking 6 very long paragraphs review like some people. I'll just talk about how fucking awesome it was!
Last night was the UK premiere of the annual "Doctor Who" Christmas Special on BBC 1 at 6pm. It was like every other episode in the latest series with our new 11th Doctor............WEIRD, CRAZY AND AMAZINGLY EXCELLENT!!!!!
The episode was based on the classic, "A Christmas Carol"....hence the title, even though all of the characters are different, but the basic outline is the same, with the ghosts of the past, present and future (The Doctor is all of them). The only BIG difference was that the episode had flying fish that lived in the sky/clouds. It kinda had a bit of a "Forever Young" aspect to it, with all the frozen people, for example, Katherine Jenkins, who played Abigail Pettigrew, was such a babe in it and for first time acting, she was brilliant. She gets frozen and only has like 7 lives. So she can only get out of her frozen tomb thing for 7 times only. Quite sad.
Michael Gambon was also brilliant, as he's a fantastic actor. His character, Kazran Sardick was deffo like Scrooge. He played him wonderfully. And great news, Arthur Darvil, who plays Rory has his name in the opening credits now. Wooohoooo!
The episode was so sad and happy at the same time, basically if you're a "Doctor Who" fan, then you would have loved it or if yah watched it then you DID love it. Enough said! I'd give the episode 10 out of 10.
Fans were also teased with a 1 minute teaser trailer for "Series 6", mainly teasing the Utah two-parter at the beginning of "Series 6: Part 1", featuring the return of River Song, The Men In Black, The White House and..............REAL little green alien as shown in the screen shots for "Series 6" in the post below. EXCITING!!!!!