Ang Lee's Hulk Was Originally To Be Animatronic!

on Sunday, January 9, 2011

How fucking awesome does that look? I think it does. FX designer, Steve Johnson just keeps the videos and images coming. First it was the test shots and footage of the fucking weird Superman suit for Tim Burtons sadly un-made "Superman Lives" film ( and now we have test shots and footage of what was gonna be the Hulk for Ang Lee's 2003 (kinda not bad Hulk film) "HULK". As you can see above in the images, the original idea was that the Hulk was to be a massive animatronic suit with very little CGI, actually, none to that fact. 
I would love to have saw the film with that Hulk in it. Would have been different, but awesome. This is what the creators of the 2012 live-action series want. They want half CGI/half animatronic. NICE!
Here's the link to the test footage. You actually get to see the transformation process, still using animatronic. What I also love in the video, is that someone is whisling the Superman theme tune. AWESOME!